Flaco The Owl's Remains Will Rest In The Museum Of Natural History

As devastated as I still am about our sweet angel Flaco, I couldn't be happier with his final resting place. He is, of course, a part of American History, so immortalizing him in the best NYC museum is very fitting. I also happen to be a HUGE fan of the AMNH, and I look forward to visiting Flaco as soon as I can. 

I do think it's time to peek behind the curtain on Flaco (and most of the videos I post where I am in hysterics) as I still get a ridiculous amount of IDIOTS who think my Flaco crying video was a reflection of my actual feelings. It's called acting, babes. If you're feeling a strong emotion, you channel it into whatever you want it to be. I just so happened to wake up on that somber morning, hungover and brimming with tears simply because I had too much fun at the club the night before. I'm a professional, so I took advantage of my own feelings and made a viral video. SHOCK! AWE! "But Kelly, why would you ever do that??? You look like a PSYCHO!!!" That's the name of the game, love. It really doesn't take much. 

That being said, I truly WAS a huge fan of Flaco. He was someone who brought the community together, especially on the Upper West Side/Central Park where I spend most of my time. His untimely death obviously sent very real shockwaves through the streets and while my video about him was intentionally dramatic, the feelings of loss are certainly there for a lot of people. I will say, even in his death, it was nice to see so many people coming together. Putting flowers, notes, drawings and more under his favorite tree, holding a memorial service for him, and now adding him into history - you can't deny that Flaco was important to a lot of people for one reason or another. It exposed a side of humanity I thought was lost in this city, and the amount of compassion people were showing was nothing short of inspiring. 

May you finally Rest in Peace Flaco, our sweet Prince.