Sexyy Red And Shawn Michaels Dropping A Perfect Duet Singing 'Sexy Boy' Is Proof That HBK Will Always Have A Legendary Theme Song

So last night we had rapper and Sundae Conversation guest Sexyy Red show up on NXT. Of course, wrestling rules the world, why wouldn't someone want to show up and get involved? I'd love to be in a wrestling show one day, as long as I don't take a superkick like Robbie Fox. 

Now it's not the fact that Sexyy Red showed up to NXT that caught my attention. Oh no. It was this: 

HELL YES! Song of the summer baby! It's no secret that Sexy Boy is a top-5 wrestling theme song of all time. Pretty sure HBK is the only person with two of the top-5 since DX is up there too. Right off the top of my head in some order I'd go: Hulk Hogan's Real American, DX, Sexy Boy, Stone Cold and nWo's. Those are my personal 5, but we could have this argument for hours on end and turn it into just mentioning theme songs and going 'ohhh yeah that one.' Great game to play. 

Anyways, back to this. I love the camera panning to HBK here. It's the perfect video, especially when you remember DX is once again currently running WWE. Wrestling has never been back like this before. It's can't-miss each week and to quote Shaemus we're getting banger after banger after banger. Not to mention, just look at HBK! That man is loving life. He knows the song still plays, he knows he's still a sexy boy running NXT. 

Hit the music.