A City In Romania Is About To Be Caked Up After Offering Free Bus Tickets For Anyone Who Can Do 20 Squats

In America they'll give you a free bus ticket if you super size your meal at the drive-thru window. Heck, they might even give you a family size bag of potato chips for the ride. 

But the Romanians aren't messing around. If you want to take the bus to work instead of walking or riding a bike? Well your ass better be touching the ground. They're not rewarding any half reps out there. 20 squats in under 2 minutes. That gives you 6 seconds per rep. You can rest when you're dead. 

And this is honestly the best way to promote health and fitness. Because you don't have to be a skinny little twink in order to be fit. You can be a bigger guy or a bigger gal, but still be an athlete. Body positivity is awesome and everything, as long as people are taking care of their bodies. Skinny, chunky, shredded, meaty, it don't matter. As long as you're keeping the body active, you can work with that. It shouldn't be too taboo just to tell people not to be slobs. Romanians get it. 

Jordie's Note: This story might be a little old but it's not like news travels fast out of Romania.