In One Of The Greater Plot Twists In History, It Turns Out Joey Gallo Is The Father Of Professional Dancer Hayden Hopkins' Expected Child And NOT Mark Davis

Over the last few days there's been a good ol' wild goose chase to try and figure who the father of Hayden Hopkins upcoming child is. Everyone and their mother trying to tap into their inner Maury to figure this one out. This became a thing all because she was pictured next to Raiders owner Mark Davis in his suite back in 2022. 

That drew the hand of Dov Kleiman, an engagement farming NFL twitter account, to falsely break the news, claiming Davis was in fact the father. 

Since then Jack Mac has gone onto expose that account, explaining the original owner sold it recently. Lately the quality of that account has dipped as the current owner just chases retweets and likes, so you get false rumors/reports like this one. 

That's just a little background, but who actually was the father, if it wasn't Mark? Well, TMZ cracked the code and it's a stunner. In case you somehow didn't read the headline of this blog and are still in the dark, I'll reveal after a few pics of Hayden to break the blog up. 


Joey Gallo, you ARE the father! 


The woman rumored to be expecting a child with Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is actually welcoming a baby with MLB player Joey Gallo, TMZ Sports has learned.

The erroneous reports were made over the weekend … with several irresponsible NFL social media accounts assuming Hayden Hopkins -- who was spotted alongside the team owner at a game in 2022 -- was pregnant with his first kid. Hayden also addressed the speculation in an Instagram post … saying "Joey and I are excited to welcome our baby in the fall."

Incredible plot twist. I suppose if it wasn't Mark Davis, how could anyone know? If it was a notable person then it was always going to be a surprise. We only thought it was Davis because they were seen together at a random Raiders game. Joey Gallo is just a hilarious answer to the puzzle though. 

Imagine knowing you're about to be a dad for the first time, but the whole world thinks this guy is the father?

Gabe Ginsberg. Getty Images.

Tremendous. The world is so fucking stupid. 

Fun exercise that no one should take seriously: I wonder if you left it up to the kid, who they'd want as a dad. Gallo is a handsome fella and has professional athlete physique. Never got his big pay day in baseball because he forgot how to play the sport once he became a Yankee, but he's got $44M in the bank with some more coming as he's only 30. On the other hand Mark Davis is worth $2.3 BILLION with B, and owns an NFL team. You'd also have all the PF Changs you could ask for. Problem is your dad will be in his 70s and 80s as you grow up, which isn't ideal. You also get his genes and not Joey Gallo's. Decisions, decisions. I think I lean Davis because unlimited money is sick and there's a decent chance you get handed the Raiders organization one day. Does Mark make you get the bowl cut though? That could swing me to Joey's side. 


Well, either way Joey Gallo, you ARE the father. Might I suggest you don't go with a baseball swing if you guys do a gender reveal.