Randomly Asking Celebrities For Pictures Is One Of The Biggest Issues Plaguing Our Society

Cooper Neill. Getty Images.

By now I'm sure that most of you have seen the video of some dipshit trying to tell Kylie Kelce that she'll never be allowed in Margate again after not taking a photo with her in a restaurant. If you haven't, here's everything you need to know. 

There are very few situations these days in which everyone ends up being in agreement. But I'm pretty certain that 100% of the world's population can agree that the woman who is upset with Kylie Kelce here is a complete and total asshole. How could you not?

Now in no way am I condoning this behavior, but this jackass is just a product of today's society. One in which people would rather get a picture in 5 seconds with someone they view as a celebrity to post on social media rather than spend 5 minutes having an actual conversation with them. It's style over substance, quantity over quality. This dickhead doesn't care about getting to know Kylie Kelce, she just wants to snap a quick photo so she can rack up a few dozen likes on Instagram later that night. The caption would have been enough to make you want to take a nap on the AC Expressway.

I've never understood autograph culture. I get that it's a way to authenticate a story that "hey, I actually met this person in real life for a quick second", but I'd rather shoot my dick off than ask someone to sign something for me. It just seems like you have to have a certain lack of shame to have the words "hey, do you mind signing this for me real quick" come out of your mouth. And somehow just randomly asking a celebrity you see out in the public for a photo seems even less personal than asking for an autograph. 

I'm not saying you should never ask for a photo. It's a good way to lock in a memory until your phone gets wet at the beach and you haven't backed up your iCloud in years because you ran out of storage. But there needs to be a certain amount of time spent with said celebrity before you even think about asking for a photo. You have to have some sort of legitimate interaction. I'm sure that if this woman was at the bar with Kylie and Jason Kelce, they were chopping it up all night and just treating them like anyone else you'd sit at the bar with, then they'd have no qualms with taking a quick picture at the end of the night. But to go about it like you're a trophy hunter who just captured a wild celebrity in the Serengeti because you happen to be eating dinner at the same restaurant and demand a picture? You deserve to get publicly shamed. 

Anyways, there's my old man yelling at the clouds blog for today. Moral of the story is that the world would be a much better place if more people felt shame. Go Birds.