Free Scottie: Louisville Prosecutor Is Planning To Address Scottie's Charges Tomorrow, Reportedly 'A Sign The Case Is Likely To Be Dismissed'

I wonder what made Louisville/Jefferson County finally smarten up here. Could it be the fact the video showed nothing that helped their charges? 

Oh, maybe it was the report that the cop lived up out the plot to Superbad? 


No? Common sense? That can't be right the way everything has transpired the last couple of weeks. 

Ever since the press conference and that video came out, all the Internet and anyone with a brain has done has talked about how ridiculous it is. They dropped that video like it was going to help their case against Scottie, when it just showed how dumb this whole thing is. Remember, he was charged with a felony! 

All I know is the charges should be dropped and no matter what we as a country need to see the $80 pants that were ruined beyond repair. I don't care if they are covered in shit (allegedly, just to be safe here). I'm a dad, I'm used to seeing shit covered pants. Not my first time here. We just need to see the damage. Those $80 pants are basically right behind a certain glove and a certain dress in terms of clothing items discussed around court. We've been making jokes ever since the original police report came out, it's the least they can do for us. 

Hopefully tomorrow we finally get the charges dropped though. We can all move on and talk about one of the great Internet days of the year when this all went down on Friday of the PGA Championship. There is an interview scheduled tomorrow: 

Free Scottie, finally.