We Had a Beautiful Tribute To Angel Hernandez Last Night In A Collegiate Summer League Game As An Umpire Ruled The Final Out Despite The Centerfielder Clearly Dropping The Ball

Mark Cunningham. Getty Images.

Honoring a legend can be tricky. You're afraid of doing too much or too little which could lead to insulting said person's legacy. At the end of the day you can only hope the person you're paying homage to is proud. I think in this case Angel Hernandez would have smiled if he were in attendance to see this umpire royally fist fuck a baseball team into a loss. 

Yeah doesn't get much worse than that. Two outs, down two, tying run at the plate and the centerfielder straight up drops the ball. Umpire assumed he caught it, no replay, no other umps looking at the play. Game over. The ol' outfield fly rule. That's Northwoods baseball for ya. Collegiate summer league? You're lucky if the umps know how many out there are in the inning, never mind correctly identifying if the ball was caught. 

Apologies to the Eau Claire Express and their fans. Not sure if success even matters in this league. Is anyone going home from this as a fan devastated about that missed call? Great touch by the announcer at the end, "Did he actually catch it? No he didn't." So defeated in his tone, perfectly summing up how bad the umps in this league are. I'd love to have a few beers with him and get all his thoughts on the Northwoods umpires. 

Gotta love the other team just celebrating on the field like it was a standard put out and no one saw anything different. That's the game baby. Northwoods baseball, drink it in.