Caitlin Clark's Coach Wants Her To Start Focusing On Taking More Long Two Point Shots

Look I'm not one to talk about someone else's job, but this Indiana Fever coach sucks. And if you don't want to watch the games to confirm my hypothesis, I don't blame you. But all you have to do is watch this 30 second clip and you'll be able to see what I'm talking about. First of all, her team is 1-5 (and on a one game winning streak). But more importantly, from this 30 second clip alone, you'll see that she is:

- Having her players work on the worst shot in basketball

From a basketball perspective, this blows my mind. It's not like I'm breaking any news here, but I think the idea of "Threes and Keys" is pretty wildly accepted these days as the way to score the basketball. In fact, I would say that the long two has literally been taken out of the game at most levels. Obviously in the NBA, there's players that can knock down the mid-range like it's nothing, and when you're talking about the best league in the world, I'm not saying KD and Kyrie should abandon the shot. But in a non-NBA setting, the fact of the matter is that unless you're getting to the bucket, you should avoid overly shooting mid-range shots that are only worth two points. I would literally take my players out of the game if they took any 18 footers worth two points, seeing as 20 footers are worth 3. And this coach is having them work on more of them?? And you might say, dude, they're just warming up. Wrong. Coach literally said she wants her more comfortable "long two area".

What the fuck are we doing here? Asking the best shooter in the game to focus on a less efficient shot is hilarious. But to try and fundamentally change the way the most electric player in the game operates is even funnier. Could you imagine if the Warriors start out slow next year and Steve Kerr is like, Steph's gotta stop shooting so many threes! 

- Making professionals count out loud to 10 makes like 3rd grade kids 

This is actually what irks me the most about this video. Forget about the bad strategy. Forget about the bad coaching. Forget about the terrible record. This coach is telling the previous two #1 overall picks in the draft to shout ONE! after making a shot, TWO! after the next, all the way until 10 like it's 2nd grade gym class…..and I can't get over it. Picture the equivalent of the hype surrounding Caitlin Clark heading into the league from an NBA perspective. I'd say LeBron James, no? And then having him count his makes, alongside his professional teammates, is so funny. First of all, everyone can count to ten. Second of all, the rebounders can count to ten. Third of all, the coach can count to ten. But making everyone count like they're in elementary school stops in like….elementary school. Plus the drill sucks? Having players wait at the back of the line is more inefficient than the long 2!!!! 

Look if it were up to me, I'd try and find ways to get Caitlin more threes instead of encouraging her to shoot more long twos. But it appears that's not her strategy this year, which will undoubtedly be her last. And let me say this before any rumors start to swirl: if asked, I will coach the Indiana Fever next year. Or mid-season if they need me.

Update: not just the Head Coach needs fired. How is THIS GIRL being featured for tonight's game???? Why is it so hard for the WNBA to understand that they should sink or SWIM with Caitlin Clark?