The Memorial Cup Has Changed Hockey Broadcasts Forever With The Introduction Of The On-Ice Fight Cam

I gotta be honest, I am so confused by junior hockey in Canada right now. For starters, I'm pretty sure the QMJHL banned fighting in their league. Those nerds in Quebec are doing their best to turn the game into ice basketball. Then you have the OHL which just banned a player on the London Knights for 5 games just for calling another player a pussy. 

Here I was thinking that junior hockey in Canada was trying to kill the sport. But then out of nowhere, BAM, we get fight cam. 

This shit rules so hard. It's without a doubt the greatest angle we've ever got of a hockey fight ever. Even better than if you just had a GoPro on one of the players or refs. Because you never really get the full extent of the fight from that point of view. But a designated camera man on the crew to rush out on the ice anytime the boys drop the gloves? That's punk rock as heck. 

Maybe it's just because the game is in Moose Jaw and the WHL is still making sure the game stays violent. Maybe this was just TSN going rogue and not telling anyone they were going to throw a cameraman on the ice for every tilt. All I know is that whatever scenarios played out in order for us to get a fight cam, we need way more of it in hockey. TNT needs to steal that idea immediately. Send Biz out there with an iPhone to FaceTime every Rempe fight next season.