College of Charleston Baseball Coach Chad Holbrook Was in Tears After the 41-14 Cougars Got Left Out of the NCAA Tournament

Pour one out for Chad Holbrook and the College of Charleston baseball team, which was left out of the NCAA Tournament despite finishing the season with a 41-14 record. What's worse is that the Cougars were seemingly left out for any one of five SEC teams that got in with 13-17 conference records, including Florida, which finished the season 28-27.

Now, I will be the first to tell anyone that baseball in the SEC is absolutely different than other leagues. You're playing against at least one first round pick every weekend and there are going to be some pretty good teams who end up around .500 in conference play at the end of the season. But you absolutely can't put FIVE teams in the Tournament who lost 17 out of 30 games when there are teams like Charleston sitting there with 40+ wins. That's asinine.

If you don't follow college baseball very much or at all, just know that the NCAA's selection process is often quite a bit more flawed (rigged) than it is for the basketball tournament. Florida, Indiana and Coastal Carolina were all bubble teams who had members on the selection committee and somehow found their ways into the tournament. Imagine that.

If you're in a non-power conference, you better do whatever it takes to win your conference tournament because the committee is looking for any reason to fuck you. I feel horrible for teams like Charleston that get treated like this after having great seasons, but that's the way it goes.