Golf Can Be A Cruel, Cruel Sport - Auburn's Jackson Koivun Lost The National Title With One Of The Most Brutal Breaks You'll See

Come on man, this is why golf is the cruelest son of a bitch out there. Jackson Koivun needed a birdie to likely go to a playoff. This was his approach shot, if it goes in he likely wins. Instead the thing smacks the flag, you know, that part of the green that we beg balls to go in, and fires into the sand. Dude went up-and-down for par and lost by 1. This wasn't pushing a putt or misreading a green or something like that. Dude hit a perfect golf shot and got rewarded by being in the bunker. 

I know the dude is basically the number 1 golfer in college. He's a freshman who won every award, going to be a pro, but this is still a national title. Not like you can guarantee you're going to win one of these again no matter how good you are. But this is still one of the worst breaks I've seen in sports. This happens to you on a Saturday playing with buddies and you're throwing a club, maybe even refusing to hit out of the sand. You refuse to believe it could happen. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the sport. I will never stop playing the sport. But it's the most frustrating thing in the world. Doesn't matter how much you try to improve, you always find something else wrong. You start figuring out the driver and the irons go to shit or vice versa. It's supposed to be a relaxing day out there for a few hours with some buddies and instead you question why you invest time and effort into it. Granted, we're not playing at the level of a national title, but you get the point. This shot sums up everything cruel about golf.