The Hottest New Life Hack is Filming Chipotle Employees as They Make Your Burrito So They Don't Skimp on Portion Size

I go to Chipotle for lunch all the time. At least once per week. The Chipotle I frequent on 7th Ave has their shit together more so than 99% of restaurants I've ever been to. I swear to god, without even ordering ahead of time, I've been in and out of there in under a minute. They move the orders down the line faster than customers can make it to the register. They never skimp on the protein. They know how to properly wrap a burrito. I've honestly thought about filming them myself. Not to extort them for slightly more barbacoa, but so I can take my video and show it to underperforming restaurants around the city and say, "See assholes, this is how minimum wage work is meant to be done."

If I ever see someone trying this method at my local Chipotle... well I'm not actually going to do anything about it... but I'll make some unhappy noises under my breath and think mean things about them in my head, because the good people at my Chipotle do not deserve to be put under this type of microscope.

To be fair to the Chipotle filmers, the price of fast food has gotten out of control. No matter where you go, if you want a meal that's going to fill you up, you're dropping a good $15 USD. For that much money you deserve a healthy portion. At restaurants like Chipotle where the employees are making your food right in your face, shoving a camera in theirs is kind of the perfect solution. I feel bad for the poor burrito artists though. This is a classic case of the little man paying for the crimes of people way higher up on the food chain. Who in this case I guess is... idk... I guess all stems from inflation? Which I suppose makes it the president's fault? That sounds good. Thanks to Sleepy Joe these poor part-time employees are forced to do their jobs while some roided out asshole throws them up on Facebook Live to make sure they hit their post-workout macros. Thanks Biden.

I wish there was a way to apply this method to other areas of life. Specifically government run agencies. And I'm not talking about cops (although filming cops has been happening forever). And I guess people have been doing it via ring cameras when they record postal workers Gronk spiking their packages onto the front porch. But the people who work the front desk at the Post Office could use a kick in the pants. Is there any way we can do this with the DMV? Or the people who work at the passport agency? Those are the people who deserve it.

I don't love the idea of filming people in practice. It's uncomfortable to watch happen. I would never do it out of sheer awkwardness. But if we all lived out lives under threat of being filmed by someone with a few thousand TikTok followers who's ready to put us on blast for a million views, the world would probably be a better place. So maybe these guys are heroes. I don't know. Just don't try this shit at the Chipotle on 7th Ave. I'll go to war for those guys.