'I Love You, Please Don't Tell Anyone' - Dave Pasch Is Spending The Morning Sharing Texts And Stories That Truly Show Bill Walton Was 1-of-1

To be honest there's not a lot to add here, it's just awesome knowing that Dave Pasch and Bill Walton were exactly who we saw on TV. There was no acting, no playing it up for the cameras, just two good friends calling basketball games together and having ramblings that sometimes didn't make a whole lot of sense. That is until we see the texts that Pasch is sharing about Bill Walton. Perfect. That's exactly how I want Bill Walton to send texts, just random thoughts, trying to poke Pasch as he's calling games still and hitting the favorites. 

I said it in my blog yesterday, but there was something comforting about putting on a late night Pac-12 game and seeing Walton and Pasch there. They were the weird friends you saw every so often and always had a good time. That's how it was as I sat in a recliner and watched Washington/Oregon or something like that. You never knew what sort of story you were going to get and based on these tweets from Pasch it seems like he never knew either. You just had to let Walton talk and go on the fly with whatever he was saying. 


There's too many good Walton/Pasch moments to break down. But I could listen/read to Pasch sharing these sort of stories all day. Walton was truly 1-of-1. You combine the fact he was arguably the greatest college basketball player ever with this free spirit turned broadcaster and we'll never see a guy like Walton again. 

I don't know what games Pasch will call now that the Pac-12 is done, but the first college game he needs to wear that Walton t-shirt. Love that their nicknames were Solar and Coal too. Just makes sense. Guy was 1-of-1 and these stories from Pasch only confirm it all.