An Ohio Billionaire Is Taking A $20 Million Submarine To The Titanic Wreck Site To "Prove The Industry Is Safer After The OceanGate Incident"

Oh boy here we go again. The craziest part about this new story might be that the OceanGate incident was almost a YEAR ago (June 2023) because it feels like damn near yesterday. What a special time that was, with millions of people thinking that we were gonna find a submarine being controlled by a $30 video game controller like it didn't instantly get crushed. CNN ran a damn countdown clock for the theoretical time they had left until they ran out of oxygen. Unbelievable.

Now that it was only probably the most viral story of this entire decade, what better way to get some PR than to be a billionaire who wants to desperately prove something that probably no one wants proven? I did get a good laugh out of a reply that said they'll be fine because they upgraded to a PlayStation 5 controller this time. Are all billionaires that bored that this is what they decide to do with their time? What happened to buying property in Montauk and Nantucket and Miami and getting a cute dog to film with the occasional bald employee showing up to piss on your porch? 

And what's the obsession with the Titanic wreck site? I'm the definition of a normie and I couldn't care less about the Titanic, and even if I did, you can probably see it in that museum in Tennessee for like $20. After some quick research on this "Larry Connor" fella who is braving the seas to prove his point, Google says he's a private astronaut certified by NASA and a real estate tycoon out of Dayton (there's billionaires in Dayton?). 

If you look at his Wikipedia, it's just a bunch of stuff about flying, race car driving, and him entering the International Space Station. He's so wealthy he's just doing been side quests of thrill seeking for decades. Respect I guess.

Anyway, here's apparently a video of one of the submarines they're taking down. Looks kinda safer than the other one maybe? Still not sure you could make me go down there if you told me I'd have a billion dollars when I got back up but I digress.

Good luck out there.