The Pacers Season Comes To An End After 3 Devastating Choke Jobs In The Eastern Conference Finals

Think about blowing 3 4th quarter leads with about a 99.999999% win probability, me? No way? Not a chance this is something I'll think about until the end of time. Before the Eastern Conference Finals started, I told myself the Pacers were playing with house money against a great Celtics team, and as long as Indiana made this a competitive series, I would be fine with the results. BUT, here I am, upset that we pissed away opportunities and got swept because we couldn't close out.

Like a caring father, I'm not mad, just disappointed. If this was a team filled with veterans, and had the expectation of getting to the finals, I'd be furious about their late game performances. But, this is a young team that is experiencing the big moments for the first time, so it's hard to be too critical. Hardo's will say that's a losers mentality, and yeah we should have AT LEAST closed out one of those games, but it's being realistic. Yes the Pacers were horrendous late in games, but look at what Anthony Edwards has done down the stretch for Minnesota in the clutch. Huge turnovers when it matters most. He's had some incredible moments, but at 22 he still has to figure out the big moments by experiencing them. The Pacers have gained a lot experience in this season's playoff run that will only help them next season. 

Not sure exactly how the cap will influence the Pacers roster next season, but I'm pretty sure with Haliburton and most likely Siakam getting big $$$, Indiana wont be able to bring in a big name like Paul George. We need defense, but I think with players like Jarrace Walker and Mathurin getting better, along with the experience the young core got this year, the players we need are already on the roster. Nembhard is only a second year player, and is playing great on both sides of the ball, especially considering the talent he went up against these playoffs (Dame, Brunson, Derrick White / Jrue Holiday) 


I just know the solution to making this roster better does not include Doug McDermott no matter how many times he hits a 3 right after I yell at my tv that Rick Carlisle is an idiot for putting in Dougie Buckets. 

I was going to talk more about tonight's game, but what else is there to say? We got swept and couldn't close out. The only thing I can't stop thinking about is was the worst tweet of the night? It 100% has to be trolling? Cowherd is a notorious non-ball knower, but he can't be this oblivious to TJ McConnell getting blasted in the face? 


The future is bright. This team has nothing to hang their heads about. Learn from this season, and come back next year ready to go to the NBA finals.