Jaylen Brown Comes Full Circle And Becomes The Second Celtic Ever To Win The Larry Bird Trophy

Justin Casterline. Getty Images.

Hell yes. Jayson Tatum winning the first ever Larry Bird trophy in 2022, and now here's Jaylen's turn in 2024. Both franchise cornerstone players each having a Larry Bird trophy of their own is very awesome, and lord knows Jaylen was deserving. So was Jayson, you could make a case for both guys, but I have no problem with Jaylen getting his time in the spotlight. All NBA snub, All NBA Defense snub and look what happened? He played like an All NBA player all ECF, and his defense was one of the biggest reasons the Celtics are on their way back to the Finals


In the series, I'd say Jaylen was rather effective. We knew heading into the series that nobody on the Pacers was going to be able to consistently guard him, the guy averaged nearly 30 a game in ever matchup this season. So, to see his final production in the ECF shouldn't really be a surprise to anyone

What makes me happy for Jaylen is for a performance like this and an award like this coming off his 2023 ECF. That was easily the worst series of his entire career, and his Game 7 was a complete disaster. The Celts needed him, and he fell short. This time around it felt like Jaylen was determined to not only not let that happen again, but to use that pain as fuel to have the best series of his life. That's basically what we saw

2023? Worst playoff series Jaylen has ever played

2024? The best playoff series Jaylen has ever played

One ended the Celtics season, the other has them 4 wins away from an 18th banner. For Jaylen to have been here from the beginning and to have his moment like this is what it's all about. This is why the team invested in the Jays. How many teams have two separate ECF MVPs? The answer is 1, and that team is the Boston Celtics.

Stuff like this makes the All NBA and the slander worth it. You know what's cooler than making All NBA? Being the ECF MVP. That one comes with a trophy, and now it's time to win the next one. Let it be Jaylen, let it be Tatum, who cares. Just take care of your shit and win the title. This is it.