Devastating News - The Iconic Bill Walton Has Reportedly Passed Away At 71 After A Battle With Cancer

Come on man, this is not what we needed to find out today. The iconic, the legendary, the great Bill Walton has passed away. There's so many different angles to talk about Walton. There's the player, the announcer, the Dead Head, the man who can make anything funny. There was always a time that I thought it was weird that people don't know or forget that he is one of the greatest college basketball players we've ever seen at UCLA. He was that good that he's on the shortlist and will always be on the shortlist of great players. 

This just sucks. Nothing will be the same without listening to him call a college basketball game late night. I know the Pac-12 isn't a thing anymore, but he should have always had a spot. He was that great Dave Pasch as the perfect sidekick. They helped make college basketball great. The man loved life, he was beloved by basically everyone. There's not much else you can say about him. All the clips will come out from him saying outlandish things but it's why we always needed him. He won titles in the NBA, he won titles in college. He was as elite as elite gets.

The world lost a great one today. Rest easy, Bill. We'll miss listening to you at all times.