The Amount Of Wealth That Exists At F1 Monaco Every Year Is Truly Special

Every year, billionaires from throughout the world participate in a rich-off at F1 Monaco. They pull up in their yachts and park next to the race track of the country that has zero income tax and is filled with millionaires. If it sounds like I am hating, I am not....I am jealous of these people.

I'm not sure the people on these yachts even care much about the race as much as they're just there to party. Look at this Bugatti on top of a $30,000,000 yacht.....INSANITY!

That's just showing off to show off! No other reason. 

The funny thing about the yacht's parked is, they aren't even the most expensive yachts. If you really had it like that, your yacht wouldn't be able to fit in that area!


This is always a great reminder of the true old money that exists outside of America. Yes, there is old money in America, but you wanna talk OLD money? You have to go to Europe. That's where it exists. They take the term generational wealth to a whole new level.