The Young Bucks Having A Goddamn Exploding Chair Shot During Anarchy In The Arena Last Night Is Proof Wrestling Is Still Elite Entertainment

Look, you put the Young Bucks in Anarchy in the Arena, you're going to get something exploding. A year ago we had the exploding Super Kick: 

This year it was the exploding chair shot. That's fucking awesome. I don't know why people try to shit on wrestling, it's the best form of art we have. You're telling me some statue or painting is better than this? I don't think so. Then you have the nerds - yeah, that's right, NERDS - who scream it's fake. Guess what guys? EVERYTHING ON TV IS FAKE, except sports. That's real. But everything else? It's fake. Next you're going to tell Clem and Robbie that dragons on HBO are fake. 

I'll say this AEW's Double or Nothing always seems to deliver. You had the return of the best wrestler on the planet last night. 

Don't want to spoil too much but you had heel turns, you have new champs, you have guys getting a push. It's as good as any show. But that exploding chair shot? Hell yeah. But Anarchy in the Arena is the match that always sells it because you get psychos out there. You have thumbtacks and Darby Allin hanging like a bat. 


You had Jack Perry get set on fire. 

Look if you can't find that entertaining I don't know what to tell you. It's elite and yeah, maybe I'm using that word on purpose here. All I know is exploding chair shots fucking rock. Let Young Bucks in Anarchy in the Arena every year so they can try to one-up themselves.