The NBA Is Two Games Away From A Record EIGHT DAYS In-Between The Last Game Of Either Conference Finals And Game 1 Of The Finals

The NBA hard coding the Finals schedule to start June 6th regardless of how the conference finals play out is some weak shit. It just is. I don't know their exact reason for doing this but I imagine it's because owners want to make sure they can schedule summer events like concerts or pyramid scheme speakers and other such business that can't take a backseat to supposedly the second biggest sport in America.

That's weak. You know what else is week?

The EIGHT days in-between the final conference game and the first Finals game if the Celtics finish off the broken Pacemakers tonight and the Mavericks mush the young T-Wolves off the cliff Tuesday. That's not only week my friends. That's week and a day. 

I did the honors to see where this stands all time. This is exactly the obscure type of statistical endeavor I'm built to crush code to find. It's why I am here. It's what I do. And you deserve to know that if the double sweep happens, it will indeed break the record for most days between conference finals and finals with no NBA game played.

Here is the official book as it stands now. 

First things first. Shout out to the Boston Celtics and St. Louis Hawks our great grandfathers used to listen to on the radio for going back-to-back seasons (1960-1961) making the finals with one team having literally zero full days off. Actually, I take back Boston's shout out because poor St. Louis were the poor sacks that had to endure it both years and lost 140-122 in Game 1 of 1960 and 129-95 in Game 1 the following season. This is actually some bullshit in it's own right and I think it's only appropriate to take subtle action and strip Boston of both titles they ended up winning. You know what? Let's take away that '63 banner two more rows up on the list while we're at it when LA had just one day of rest vs Boston's three for Game 1. You know what? Let's just forfeit that one. Screw LA too. 

But let's go back to the future (but still the past) to the 2015 Finals which is in the clubhouse as the largest gap as it stands now. The Cavs swept the Hawks (wait the … Hawks were…good once?) and the Warriors only blemish in their 4-1 win over the Rockets cost them an eight-day break leading up to the finals.

That's just enough to open the door for 2024. The only person that can save the NBA at this point is Scott Foster. I mean, what's Adam Silver going to do to keep people from forgetting the season is still going? An in-playoff tournament? This is a disaster in the making. 


You're Boston. And you need just a few more "several" days to get Porzingis finally back on the court. Interesting. One way or another these finals starts always seem to benefit the C's. Interesting indeed. 

I move to proactively strip Boston's 2024 banner as well!