Ronald Acuña Jr. Has a Torn ACL and Will Miss the Remainder of the 2024 Season

I'm distraught. For the second time in less than three years, Ronald Acuña Jr. has torn his ACL.

I don't even know what to say. There's unfair and then there's the most electric player in baseball tearing an ACL in two of the last four seasons with an MVP sandwiched in between in the only season of the four he was fully healthy. This is bullshit.

And obviously the main concern is for Ronald and his longterm health, but this couldn't come at a worse time for a Braves team whose offense has looked anemic for more than a month now. If Acuña's replacement is Adam Duvall for the foreseeable future, what was supposed to be the scariest lineup in baseball becomes pretty pedestrian rather quickly. There's also the part about Spencer Strider being out for the year, too.

I guess if you're a Braves fan searching desperately for a silver lining during these trying times, Atlanta did win the World Series the last time this happened. Maybe Alex Anthopoulos can pull off another miracle and completely overhaul the outfield again with multiple guys who will become Babe Ruth for three months.

I just can't believe this has happened again. After the game, it seemed like there would be a significant IL stint, but even Ronald said he didn't feel like he had torn anything.

The most depressing part of this whole thing is you can't really expect much from Acuña next season, so the next time we'll really see him fully healthy is in 2026 when he'll be 28 years old and in the final non-option year of his contract.

I am despondent. This fucking sucks.