Bold Strategy, Cotton: Conor McGregor Seems Unworried About His Fight Next Month After Getting Absolutely Blitzed Last Night

Conor McGregor is *checks notes* 35 days away from returning to the octagon against Michael Chandler at UFC 303 and he's out there living like it's his last night on Earth. I know a lot of Twitter skeptics are immediately going to say "he's not taking this seriously" or "what happened to the McGregor I love", but hear me out from one of our two premier UFC journalists here Jack Mac:

Ryan Garcia did whatever level of partying you'd classify this as to the nth degree and went out there and put on a show against Devin Haney, ostarine-infused or not. Maybe that's the new method for fighters? Act completely insane on social media and make it seem like you don't care about the fight by partying a night or two and then you come out and beat the shit out of your opponent? 

Does this look like a guy who is worried Michael Chandler in a month?

Now let's check up on Chandler:

It may still be McGregor inside the distance. See you in June.