The Indy 500 Has Assembled The Avengers Of Celebrities For Race Day

It's a religious holiday in Indianapolis - Race Day. 

The one thing that can take the sting out of last night's crushing Pacers loss in the Eastern Conference Finals is waking up at 6am and shotgunning a beer to the blast of the Speedway's opening gate cannon. That series you said didn't matter because the Pacers are ahead of schedule, but now you're MDW has been tainted because you can't stop thinking about how the Pacers could be leading 2-1, FORGET ABOUT IT!!! 

All that matters is we are a few hours away from something everyone can enjoy - The Greatest Spectacle In Racing, The Indy 500.

The largest one day sporting event, on the world's largest track. A track so big that there is half a golf course on the infield of the speedway. It's not race day in Indy until the graphic of all the stadiums that could fit in the Indianapolis Motor speedway is posted. This year, the perfect graphic has been constructed to demonstrate the impressive size of the race track. 

To open the race this year the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has pulled out all the stops, they are bringing out the big guns, they have assembled the most random group Avengers of celebrities.

Driving the pace car and leading the drivers through the first few warm up laps will be the coolest man to ever grace the baseball field, The Kid, Ken Griffey Jr. Last year, Tyrese Haliburton had the honor of driving the pace car, which was awesome for Indiana, but I think the entire country can agree that Griffey and the iconic backwards hat gets the people going. I need the Speedway playing the generic electric guitar riffs from SNES Ken Griffey Jr. Major League Baseball to complete the experience. 


Waving the green flag to start the race will be Austin Butler and Jodie Comer, which is a huge mistake. You can't have the guy who played Elvis, and has since been stuck in the accent of the King of Rock & Roll, not have a speaking roll as the Grand Marshal. I understand the green flag is a bigger job, but we need Austin Butler giving commands to the drivers over the PA system stuck in his Elvis voice. Instead, Dylan Sprouse was assigned Grand Marshal of the race. Half of the Suite Life of Zach and Cody/ Big Daddy duo. Sucks we don't get both brothers, and I'm sure they are tired of appearing together, but it seems like Dylan is doing fine, showing up to the Pacers game with his super model wife. 

The Indy 500's secret weapon, the X factor, the ultimate hype man, Flavor Flav. The duo of Will Power and Flavor Flav might possibly be the most random combination of two people to ever come together. I don't think a random celebrity name generator has the processing power to pair these two, but I love it. Flavor Flav predicted a top 3 finish for his friend, and if Will Power can pull off the win, I need to be at this after party because Flavor Flav once admitted he was spending $2,600 a day on crack. Not my vibe, but I respect a man who is trying to get the party started. 


I don't have a prediction for the winner, or the top 3, I'm just watching as a fan today. I'll be rooting for the hometown hero, Conor Daly. His car isn't the greatest this year, and he's starting towards the back of the field, but Daly is skilled enough to compete with any driver in the field. Daly has had some bad luck with getting caught up in wrecks, and even shittier luck with one of his best races ruined after getting hit by a flying tire. 

Lately, Conor has had some great races at the 500. The only lead that matters is the finish, but the pop the Indy crowd gives the hometown kid anytime he takes the lead absolutely rules. Goosebumps! Not sure how his car will hold up, but anything can happen in the 500.

The Greatest Spectacle In Racing is also The Greatest Spectacle In People Watching. If racing isn't your thing, you can make an entire day of spectating the creatures roaming around the Speedway. From the infield to the grandstands its mullets, American flags, and people getting carted out on a stretcher to an EDM DJ set because they thought they could drink 14 beers in an hour while battling 90 degree heat. Dana Beers was boots on the ground to experience the infamous Turn 3 and The Snake Pit first hand. 


The 500 is supposed to start at 12:45pm, but the race has been delayed with a weather advisory warning. Hopefully, the storm passes and we can get this show on the road without any more delays. 

The longer the Indy 500 is delayed, the longer The Rubbin' Is Racing crew (Large and Spider) have to wait for the Coca Cola 600 to get started down in Charlotte. Kyle Larson is attempting one of the most insane feats in sports, racing the Indy 500 and the Coke 600 in the same day. SO, Larson doing double duty means the race in Charlotte can't get started until Larson finishes in Indy, hops on a plane to Charlotte, and immediately gets into his car and starts his second race. The best finish in the combined 1,100 mile gauntlet was Tony Stewart in 2001- finishing 6th in the Indy 500 and 3rd in the Coke 600.

The weather is finally warm, fire up the grill, crack open a cold drink, and enjoy the best weekend in racing.