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Juan Soto, Aaron Judge, And Giancarlo Stanton All Hitting Bombs In The Same Inning Last Night Was Euphoric

Last night was euphoric. There I was sitting on my couch, taking in some Yankees after dark, as the boys went up against a red hot Yu Darvish. Entering Friday the right hander hadn't given up a run in any of his last four starts, including his last two outings against the Braves and Dodgers. Well, last night he tried his hand against the Yankees. The 3rd inning didn't go to plan. 

'Thought maybe Darvish would call the police or something. It all happened so fast. I wasn't even done getting over Soto's bomb as Judge connected. Then Verdugo missed one by a few feet before Stanton detonated. Every homer was blasted over 400 feet and out of all 30 parks in the game. I felt like I was dreaming. Nope, that's just what it feels like when Soto, Judge, and Stanton are all locked in. There's not much a pitcher can do in those moments, but Darvish serving up BP didn't help his cause. That 73 mph hanger to Stanton had zero chance of staying in the park. 

The Yankees won the game 8-0 and improved to 36-17 on the year. They score a ton of runs and don't give up many. Whatever they've been doing in the past, I'm glad they switched up the strategy. I'm having a fucking blast. It's still only 1/3 of the way through, but after last year I'm choosing to enjoy every second of this.


P.S. That's now back to back games for Stanton with homers off Luis Castillo and Yu Darvish. Klemmer told me he only hit homers off the White Sox and isn't worth being rostered by any team in the league. 13 homers and 29 RBI with an .816 OPS is just fine with me, but I guess the Mets with Lindor, Pete, and Nimmo hold themselves to a bigger standard. To each their own