"I Can't Move Fast, But I Can Move Faster Than Him" - Luka Doncic Joined The Inside The NBA Crew And Wasted No Time Roasting Rudy Gobert

Jordan Johnson. Getty Images.

Even though the blog just went live not too long ago, let's relive Luka's incredible stepback dagger over Rudy Gobert

A shot like that deserves to be celebrated again anyway, and the benefit of a moment like that means you're going to be asked to join the Inside In The NBA broadcast, and let's just say Luka Doncic had more daggers for Rudy 

Listen, you don't have to convince that crew to take some shots and make some jokes at the expense of Rudy Gobert. That's like 75% of Draymond's role on that show whenever he fills in, Shaq loves shitting on current age centers, and Luka just did things to Gobert to steal Game 2 that could very well start an international conflict. 

Like most good jokes, this dig by Luka is also based in truth. Self-deprecating enough because he's acknowledging that he's pudgy and slow as shit, but then he follows that up with a finish that was guaranteed to play with the rest of the panel. Honestly, what can't Luka do? His game is generational, he just hit a game winner, and postgame he's cool and funny. Oh, and he's eligible to sign a $375M extension or some shit so yeah, life is pretty good for Luka.

Unfortunately for Gobert, this is not where the jokes end. I'd recommend not being on the internet for at least 48 hours. We saw what happened when Jokic has his way with Gobert in the last series, well things are going to be way worse this time around. At least Jokic didn't go on TV and roast the shit out of Gobert after he murdered him. 

Luka? Well Luka might be a different kind of ruthless. He's not wrong, but talk about rubbing salt on the wound. That's tough.