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Gunnar Henderson Homered 8 Hours After Doing The Gauntlet, Colton Cowser Screamed “THE YAK” While Mic'd Up In The Dugout And Then Robbed A Home Run To End The Game - The Orioles Are Now The Official Team Of The Yak!

After watching the Orioles performance on the diamond after they appeared on Mostly Sports and The Yak yesterday I think it's safe to say the birds of Baltimore are now Barstool's team. We had Colton Cowser, Gunnar Henderson, Kyle Stowers and Jordan Westburg stop by the Chicago office before their nightcap with the White Sox and I'm pretty sure they're the most liked people that have ever been in the office. I'm also like 89% sure they will all have job offers waiting for them in the off-season because they fit in so well. 

Cheah broke down their whole appearance on The Yak here and I'm tossing a "must watch" on that episode. It was fantastic. Between Gunnar burning through the athletic part, Connor stonewalling Westy, everything about it was great. Then the game came..... Big Cat said because Gunnar wanted to do the gauntlet he was going to bet on him to hit a home run. In traditional Gunnar fashion, he came through. 17th of the season, tied again for the Major League lead. 

Runs the gauntlet at 12:30, hit's an opposite field BOMB at 8:30. He knew it too, look at that strut. It's the YAK bump. 

The best part of Gunnar's home runs was Colton mic'd up in the dugout and he starts screaming "THE YAK" after the tater. These guys get it. But the YAK boys weren't done there yet. Colton came in as a pinch hitter, flew out and then took the field and ended up having the play of the game. 

Going wayyyyyy up over the wall to rob Tommy Pham of a home run that would have cut the deficit to 1. Instead Cowser ended the game and the YAK boys went home with a win. What a day on the diamond for the Orioles who went to HQ, Gunnar had a HR and double, Westy had a double, Colton with the game ending catch and great moment while mic'd up, and Stowers was there just being Stowers. Quite a performance put on by all of them during the gauntlet and they replicated it on the field 8 hours later. I already told the guys I will have Big Cat leave a key under the doormat if they want to run the gauntlet again, seemed to bring them good luck. But just looking around twitter and the mentions, it's very clear the Orioles are now the official team of The Yak and maybe Barstool. Everyone is on board with the young core because of how hilarious these guys were on the shows. They can also drive baseballs like it's no ones business. Looking forward to the live Yak at Camden Yards this summer. Also, if you're a struggling baseball player you should be begging to run the gauntlet, it will 1,000% get your abilities back. It's basically Popeye's spinach.