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Win At All Costs: Louis de Jager Blasts Some Bare Chest, Undoes His Belt To Hit A Shot, Announcer Wonders Why He Didn't Take His Pants Off

We go over to the DP World Tour here for some normal look at golf. Frankly, I don't know if I've ever seen the undone belt move. Sure, people take their shirts off quite a bit when they are near a hazard or on hole 12 of a scramble. But the belt? That's a new one. Might have to try it out, who knows if it helps gets your hips through faster. We're always tinkering with our swing and this might be the one trick that works. Anything to save a couple strokes off your game.

But the real story here is the announcer. He went straight to asking why did he leave his trousers on. Fair question. If you're going to commit to not getting muddy, go all the way. There's no rule that says you can't play in your underwear. Let your playing partners know you mean business. You'll do anything to not take an unplayable. You'll play it as it lies no matter where the ball is. 

Look, it's working. He's 4-under on the day and sitting tied for 9th. And, yes, that's a normal man's body, tan lines and all. It's what I want professional athletes to look like. Forget all this working out or Bryson getting jacked. Give me a little beer gut, some hair on the chest and tan lines that don't make sense. That's the ideal golfer.