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Drake Goes DUMMY Over The BBL Drizzy Beat On New Song With Sexyy Red

Let me save you the horror of having to listen to Sexyy Red. Start the song at 1:59. Even with the lyrics popping up on the screen I still had no clue what the fuck Sexyy Red was saying, but I do know Drake cooked. 

I mean come on. Who else is cooking like this? If you and your BD (baby daddy) are calling it splits then maybe we call it an accident, you slip, you trip, you fall on my dick. Bro, this man is off his rocker. He turned splits from a breakup into this girl doing a split on his dick. Shit, is crazy.

Drake is a genius. Not only did he spit stupid hot fire over Metro's beat, but now he has the rights to BBL Drizzy. Metro made BBL Drizzy for a bunch of hating losers to drop their best hate verse on it it. But guess what Metro didn't make? A dollar. You know who will though? BBL Drizzy himself. Drake turned BBL Drizzy from being an insult into a flex about how he has so much money that he can turn any average bitch into a beautiful BBL. GOAT.

I had to save the best for last. The word play in this verse is so crazy that I would being it a disservice trying to explain it. Just read it three, four, maybe even five times, and just let in soak in your brain. 

There is simply no one better than the boy.