'Furiosa' Is THE Action Blockbuster Of The Summer

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To me, 'Mad Max: Fury Road' is arguably the best action movie of the 2000s. A perfect storm of action, practical effects, perfectly limited CGI and a sneaky stacked cast. Hardy and Theron were obviously heavy hitters, but it also had Nicholas Hoult, Zoe Kravitz and Riley Keough who all went on to be pretty significant stars. The odds that Gorge Miller could replicate this success with a prequel movie filmed a decade later were slim to none. So, to get it out of the way in case anybody was wondering, 'Furiosa' is not as good as 'Mad Max: Fury Road'. However, lets look at how this was a great movie anyway. 


- The action, when rolling, is as good as it is in Fury Road. Specifically when they get out on the road and into the grand scale battles. 

- The sound, which was already great, may have actually been improved. I've never wanted to ride a motorcycle before watching this movie and getting that South Park bit drilled right out of my head with how cool they looked. '=

- Miller used the character of Furiosa as perfect as he did in the last movie. No bullshit moments where somebody basically looks at the camera and goes "no way a GIRL can do this!!!". Furiosa is simply a badass driven by revenge like most great action characters. 

- Anya Taylor-Joy isn't asked to do a ton but she delivers, especially on the physicality of the character. Some of the new characters in her world, such as Pretorian Jack, were great as well. 


- Miller definitely got bit by the CGI bug. It doesn't effect the daytime fights, thank god, but there are some sets that are painfully obvious green screen. 

- The pacing is a little bumpy. Where 'Fury Road' gets started at the 10 minute mark and never stops until the credits roll, this movie is a lot of peaks and valleys. 

- I'm kinda torn on Chris Hemsworth Villain. It was certainly good but felt like he was played the wrong way. Obviously, all the bad guys in the Mad Max universe are cartoonishly over-the-top and gross to look at. Imorten Joe, Bullet Farmer, People Eater and basically every bad guy in the Gibson movies too. With Hemsworth, Miller kind of went half in, half out. They sort of uglied him up with light prosthetics and had him go over-the-top in the back half of the movie but he is still just an insanely handsome and likable guy UNLIKE every other villain in their world. I feel like if they either let him be more of a seductive bad guy OR went full Collin Farrell in 'The Batman', they would have been better off. 


This is one of the best action movies of the year and you should absolutely make a point to go watch this on the biggest screen in your area. It's rare you get a movie like this, Mission Impossible, etc out there for you to see.