Angel Reese Took A Big Shot At Caitlin Clark And/Or Charles Barkley On Twitter.....But She Deleted It After 2.6 Million Views

So the Chicago Sky beat the New York Liberty 90-81 last night, moving Angel Reese's team to 2-1 on the season. It was a big win for the Sky, seeing as it was the Liberty's first loss of the season in 5 games. So Angel Reese then took to Twitter where she practiced her second favorite hobby (stay tuned), which is to create drama.  

Let me state the obvious: that tweet is a shot at someone. No doubt about it. But the question is at who? The white half of the internet is saying it's Caitlin Clark, seeing as the word WIN is capitalized. Her team is 0-5, so this would obviously mean let's start talking about teams that actually win games, instead of hyped up players that are underperforming. Angel also mentions the "one player on our charter flight", which is a direct shot at Caitlin Clark walking through the airport approximately ONE time before getting the entire league private flights for the rest of the season.

Then there's the other half of Twitter, saying people are trying to start "beef" between Angel and Caitlin, when this tweet was a clear response to Charles Barkley's comments the other night.

My two cents, which is 100% correct, is that she was taking shots at both. You cannot tell me she didn't have Caitlin on her mind at all when she sent that tweet. And even if she didn't, which she did, the way she worded it made it directly about Caitlin when she says "one player". I do think this all came about because Charles Barkley went on his rant the night before, but I refuse to believe she was only taking a shot at Chuck here. She's still jealous of Caitlin.

And honestly, I have no problem with the tweet, if that's how Angel wants to portray herself. Talk your shit!!! The media and fans are in love with a girl who is 0-5! Tell them how you're the NCAA Champion, your team is 2-1, and you should be the star. Create all the drama you want and people might even side with you! But the problem I have here is she DELETED the tweet after she didn't like the reaction. Let me say this: anyone who deletes tweets is as soft as tissue paper. Say what you say and stick behind it. And especially after 2.6 million views…..? Get rid of it after .001 seconds if you don't love it, but getting rid of it now just makes you look dumb. However now Angel gets to practice her second favorite hobby, telling everyone she was misunderstood and there's no beef, after she is the one creating it. I expect that tweet or interview to come out later today.