'Screw These Greens' - Uh Oh, Scottie Scheffler Is Turning Into The Bad Boy On Tour And Getting Pissed Off During The Charles Schwab

Is this the new bad boy of the PGA Tour? I mean screw these greens? That's basically letting out 48 curse words in a row for Scottie Scheffler. Granted, this is one of those moments you see a golfer turn into the rest of us. Anyone who has golfed knows this feeling. You see a break, you think you hit the putt perfectly and it just blows by the hole. Sure we're not sitting at +2 unless it's hole 2, but still. This putt is typically a bogey putt, maybe a double bogey for the majority of us. 

I think it's hilarious to see this. I'm sure Scottie is dealing with a million other things in his brain. Easy to lose focus on the course, even if you're the best golfer in the world. But Scottie turning into the bad boy on tour is easily the funniest outcome. Everyone talks about how nice he is, how pure of a human he is. Now he's a guy who got arrested and doing a little putter throw. He's turned into a regular Saturday golfer except, you know, he's awesome. 

Again, no one should be mad that Scottie is showing emotion. Give me golfers that do this, it's why I find Tyrell Hatton hilarious and miss him on tour. No one and I mean no one shows emotion like Tyrell Hatton. I'd watch LIV if he was mic'd up the entire time. Missing a putt and blaming greens? That's the type of golf I admire and know by heart. Scottie just needs to get his beard back. Can't be clean shaven and hitting the world with a screw these greens.