Deja Vu All Over Again As Tyrese Haliburton Reinjured His Hamstring Against Boston



Hurting the same hamstring, against the same team Haliburton originally went down against during the regular season. What's worse than snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory with the lead and 10 seconds left on the clock in Game 1? Coming out in Game 2 with zero focus, zero effort (besides Pascal), only to lose your now ALL-NBA starting point guard. 

(The regular season injury from January 9th)

No one knows exactly on what play the first aggravation happened, but at halftime, Ty quietly got treatment in the locker room for his hamstring injury, only to leave the game entirely with about 4 minutes left in the 4th quarter after a non-contact slip while guarding Jason Tatum. Hamstring injuries suck. They linger, and can be tweaked with the slightest wrong move. This is an injury that could affect Haliburton for the rest of his career. 

Not sure if this clip is real, but if Haliburton is FaceTiming his girlfriend from the locker room at halftime to break the bad news about his hamstring, this can't be good -AT ALL. 

Depending on the MRI results, Haliburton could come back this series, but personally I say, FUCK THAT. It seems like the back half of Haliburton's was messed up due to rushing him back with the first injury. Wrap this man in bubble wrap and put him on the shelf. No more ECF, no Olympic team, just R&R. I don't care if this man is in Cancun on 3, I just want him in a chair, sitting still. Have a server bring over the ice cold Piña Coladas, because I want zero activity for the next 4 months. Tyrese was rushed back during the regular season, and never had a chance to fully let the hamstring get healthy. That should be the M.O. this offseason - get healthy.