Things You Hate To See - Greg Hardy Just Got Knocked Out (Again)

Greg Hardy just got knocked out again - for the third time since being cut from the UFC - and as per usual, Twitter is rejoicing and basically throwing a parade right now. It's awesome. There's more unity on my timeline right now than there has been in months. Every time someone flatlines this guy it's like the end of Return of the Jedi online....

I think PFT put it well when he said nothing unites our country quite like watching this scumbag get KO'd, so I'm glad Greg has continued to pursue this career that is clearly not working out for him - thus providing a hell of a moment to kick off Memorial Day Weekend! It's pretty insane they ever matched this guy up with Tai Tuivasa, as the Overdogs Pod just tweeted….

I was there to watch Tai knock him out live, and to this day, it's one of the loudest arena pops I've ever heard; I'd put it up against WWE pops/New York Rangers/Knicks pops - it's top ten for sure. 

Anyway, here's some more clips of Greg Hardy getting knocked silly….