UMP SHOW: White Sox-Orioles Game Ends On The Dumbest Interference Call You'll Ever See

I don't really believe what I just watched. White Sox threatening to tie it in the 9th against the O's and the game ends on that? How can a professional umpire make that call? Yes, by the exact letter of the law I suppose it's correct, but use some common sense one time for me. 

Take the situation out of it, just the fact that you think Henderson was interfered with there is asinine. I understand there might not be a single coherent White Sox fan left standing this season to lose their mind here, but what are we doing? Even Gunnar Henderson was standing there with a puzzled look because he had no clue what could have possibly happened. The last thing he thought was that he was interfered with. How could anyone? I know people hate how often shit gets reviewed, but that's a clear example of why everything needs to be able to be looked at. 

Junior Valentine is the man in the middle of this mess and the same punishment will follow for him as it has for other terrible umps in the past —absolutely nothing. No fine, no suspension. Zip. Nada. There needs to be a full investigation into this guy's life because I'm convinced he had some "motivations" to make that call. Sure it's a random game in May, but for the O's that could be a valuable win that comes in handy if the AL East goes down to the wire. They count the same now as they do in September. Would they have still won the game if that was called correctly? More likely than not, but with Kimbrel pitching all bets are off. 

One thing is for certain. We can't let Junior Valentine work a postseason game after that bullshit. Could you imagine a game in October ending on that? There'd be an uprising by the losing fanbase. Fires. Looting. Deaths. We'd be talking about having to regain control of a city. Taking a step further, if that man is incapable of using common sense in that moment then we can't trust him with anything moving forward. Basic human tasks should be removed as guarantees. We let that man behind the wheel of a speeding motor vehicle? Take away his license right this second. If Scottie Scheffler can get arrested at the PGA Championship for doing nothing then we can definitely get this Valentine fella behind bars by night's end. 

P.S. Pedro Grifol is clearly so done being the manager of the White Sox. Not that I'm a Boone guy by any means, but if this happened to the Yankees his tirade would have led every news broadcast for the next 24 hours. That man knows how to get his money's worth