Jaylen Brown Said Fuck The All NBA Voters And The Celtics Did The Impossible And Finally Won A Game 2

Nathaniel S. Butler. Getty Images.

I tried to tell you. I tried to warn you. I tweeted it

I blogged it

I don't know much about anything in this world, but I know this team. I know Jaylen Brown. In fact, anyone with a brain and working eyes should have been able to tell you that Jaylen Brown was going to have the game of his life after his All NBA snub. Pay attention to his 2024 season for me one time. Easily the most predictable thing in the world, and here we are


A perfect performance, that's what this was. Another complete two way showing with efficient offense, solid passing, great off ball defense, great on ball defense, and what I consider the perfect offensive approach. Jaylen Brown was the best player on the court in this game, and it started right from the jump. You could tell right away he had that look about him when this game started after his first few buckets, and unlike previous versions of Jaylen, this one didn't disappear after a strong start. What we got was consistent dominance for 4 quarters in what was the biggest game of the year.

And finally, this team has won a Game 2. If we're in the trust tree, part of me was starting to accept that it might never happen. Maybe they were destined to follow this lose Game 2 and then win 3 in a row path, but I can't lie, not fucking around and blowing home games is way better. The Celtics are the only team in the NBA that does not have to win a road game to win the NBA title. Just win at home, and you're at the top of the mountain. It's honestly that simple.


Much like Game 1, this win was more than just about one guy. It was a collective effort. Another flawless Jrue Holiday performance as he continues to play the best basketball of his season with 15/3/10 and 0 TOs on 6-7 (3-4) shooting

Derrick White bounced back from a brutal shooting first half with a second half shooting explosion

especially when it came to his catch & shoot 3s. When Derrick is stepping into that shot and taking it with confident, it changes everything for this offense. So much attention is put on doubling the Jays, the easy swing pass is there every single time, and all Derrick has to do is make wide open 3s, something he's pretty good at.

When I say this was a complete win, I mean it. Joe finally let Oshae Brissett onto the floor and his energy was a huge factor. Steals, rebounds, off ball cutting, it was the same role we saw him have success in all year, and he stepped up after nothing but DNP-CDs this postseason. Huge shoutout to Oshae for what he did in his limited minutes. 

Then of course there was Jayson Tatum. Without a doubt one of the worst first halfs of his entire season. Couldn't make a shot, was playing zero defense, was playing with zero energy, just looked totally checked out. The second half? He was the guy we not only remember, but the one the Celts are going to need


It wasn't always perfect. In fact it was maddening at times. But there's a reason NBA games are 48 minutes. Tatum staying the course and continuing to have a good process paid off, and it came at the perfect time. I think we can all agree we need a better 48 minute performance moving forward, but I'll take whatever win I can get right now.

The Pacers ended up waiving the white flag pretty early in the 4th, but you can sort of understand why given the score and the Haliburton injury news

That's a pretty big factor for the rest of this series, especially since the games are every other day. Injuries have been brutal across the playoffs so far, and losing Haliburton is obviously a gigantic blow to what the Pacers want to do. It sucks all these stars are getting hurt, but that's just the way things go in a playoff run. You need injury luck above everything else.

Now that the Celtics didn't shit their pants and blew the Pacers out to take Game 2, now is the time to go for the throat in Game 3. Go up 3-0 and effectively end this series. You did what you had to do and protected your home floor, now keep doing what you've been doing when it comes to being undefeated on the road. Al only played 25 minutes, KP's is on the horizon, so let's find a way to end this series as quickly as possible so those two can get even more rest. Don't play with your food and put the Pacers on life support.

As always we'll dive into the details in the morning. But for now, we enjoy what it feels like to now have a horrific loss on your home floor to start a playoff series. Many didn't think it was possible, and yet here we are.

10 down, 6 to go.