We Have Officially Left Planet Earth After Chandler Parson Declares Luka Doncic Is Already Better Than Larry Bird Ever Was

Listen, I can understand why some may feel like Celtics fans have a bit of a victim complex at the moment. To that I would say, how could we not? Every single day we're under attack from every outlet on the planet. When they lose, when they win, when they blow teams out, when they win close, none of it matters. The broken brains of the media will not stop with their bullshit.

And listen, if you want to throw shade at Jayson Tatum, say Jaylen Brown doesn't have a left hand, call the Celtics frauds etc, whatever. While I disagree, you're entitled to your opinion and I get that it's all part of the gig until they reach the top of the mountain. I'll expose your terrible takes, but I've mostly learned to sit back and laugh.

But sometimes, something comes across your desk you cannot let slide. At some point, enough is enough. For those who can't seem to understand why Celtics fans are maybe a little defensive at the moment, please click play

Yes, I know we should not eat the trash. Yes, I know this is the script of every talking head show to go viral and get blogs like this written and get views, I get all that. But you do not disrespect LARRY BIRD like this and expect nobody to push back. I mean this seriously, what the fuck are we doing? It's like every talk show on the planet got the memo that if you want to move the needle, just troll Celtics fans with some of the dumbest shit ever said.

Because make no mistake, that's what this is. 

Honestly, with how insane the national narratives around the Celts have been during this postseason run, maybe this shouldn't be surprising. Luka was awesome last night in the Mavs Game 1 win, so you knew there would be a good amount of praise for him, and it's well deserved. 

But again I ask, what the fuck are we doing?

Luka Doncic, currently, is better than Larry Bird? On what planet? 

Did I miss Luka Doncic being a current 3x All NBA Defender? Did I miss all those seasons where Luka was already a 3x MVP? Or the seasons he was a 2x Finals MVP and 3x champion? Did I miss those seasons where Luka was a 2x 50-40-90 club member? Did I miss those seasons where Luka finished top 3 in DPOY voting?

The very premise Chandler Parsons is trying to make, is insane. 

"As a basketball player, Luka Doncic can do everything Larry Bird did, and more"

actually came out of his mouth. I'm starting to think maybe Parsons has never watched Larry Bird play? That has to be the only explanation for a take like this. 

So please forgive me if people are tired of Celts fans acting like the media has an agenda. Between what we saw after a win in Game 1 yesterday and then this today, what other team is possibly talked about like this? There's only so much gaslighting a person can take, and once you start discrediting Larry Bird of all players, things have gone too far.

Now, was this entire blog an excuse for me to once again embed my favorite video on the internet?


Surprisingly, no. I can admit that at the moment, I am extremely triggered. Parson's trolling worked, sue me. I'm only human after all and I've been on edge for the last 48 hours after having to deal with all this bullshit. You start throwing shade at Larry Bird with some outrageous bullshit, that's the straw that broke the camel's back. A bridge too far if you will.

Yes, Luka is a generational talent. He's had an incredible career thus far and is on pace to become one of the best players the NBA has ever seen. That is all true.

But right now, in 2024, he is not better than Larry Bird. In fact, I'll go so far as to say he'll never be better than Larry Bird. 

I can only imagine what's coming tomorrow. When do we hear about how Gobert is actually a better defender and rebounder than Bill Russell? At some point, you know it's coming.