Shit Keeps Getting Weirder - The Cop Who Arrested Scottie Scheffler Was Suspended Previously For Reportedly Doing Donuts In His Cop Car With A Drunk Civilian

Oh you thought this would be a normal report? First off, welcome to Louisville. Second, welcome to the Scottie Scheffler saga. We've moved on from $80 pants ruined beyond repair (poop) to now following the plot of Superbad. It's quite literally this scene: 

You know what? This checks out. Why wouldn't the cop who arrested Scottie Scheffler also be the kinda guy to show a buddy good time in his cop car. You can't tell me you haven't thought of hopping in the backseat and ripping some donuts in a dusty field, especially after Superbad came out. Just wait until we find out he took a call at a bar to get some free beer. That's the only logical next step here following the plot. 

Look, everything is bizarre in this situation. Louisville seems to love the spotlight despite it being a shitshow. The video came out today and only made it look worse 

Yeah, keep on trying to get Scottie to court and dumb shit like this is going to keep coming out. Free Scottie.