Mintzy Thought He Landed An Ad Deal With Expedia's Top CEO But It Was Just Some Random Guy Named Patty

I like Mintzy. Genuinely. 

I know he gets ragged on a bunch and I get it, but he's kind, always excited about life, clearly keeps a lot of friendships & connections going strong which a lot of people can't say these days, & he takes all the trolling with a grain of salt (and maybe several million grams of edibles). Just a good-natured fella. 

But damnit, Mintzy... this one took me to the brink. 

I'd be jazzed to get a DM like this, too...

But how... HOW did you think a drunk Orioles fan named "Patty Boh" was the Vice President of Expedia?!

Was your background research just seeing this Tweet?

This is who you sent a whole 3 minute 'example' ad to after excitedly texting with Big Cat about it?! Come on man!

Then again, knowing the way things work out for him, I would not be shocked in the least if the actual Expedia VP, Ariane Gorin, hears about this and at least gets Mintzy a discount on his next trip to see Widespread Panic.



As a bright spot, we also had Brandon Walker's Uncle Doug on the show today and he was incredible. Check out the Yak, give us a like & a follow, and come hang out with us every weekday at noon CT.