A Man Has Been Fined $600 For Trying To Body Slam An Orca Off The Coast Of New Zealand

I am so tired of government hypocrisy. $600 is a STEEP fine for attempting a little wrestling move with your mammal friends in the ocean. Guy stuff. Orcas meanwhile have been attacking boats left and right for years now and the government hasn't even tried to prosecute them at all. Complete double standard. If that whale didn't want the smoke he shouldn't have been sniffing around. I don't even think the whale was mad. Killer Whales are the second most intelligent species on Earth. In this specific instance the whale might've been more intelligent. I think the Whale could've decided to enact his own punishment if he were pissed. If the guy got his leg chomped, well, thems the breaks. That's the law of the ocean. We don't have jurisdiction to fine what goes on there.