New Video of Scottie Scheffler Arrest Shows Golfer Pulling Into Valhalla Golf Club Driveway Only To Leave In Handcuffs

New video has surfaced that shows Scottie Scheffler pulling into Valhalla Golf Club last Friday morning only to leave in handcuffs. 

The video, released by the Louisville PD shortly after a total nothingburger press conference with the mayor and chief of police, was taken from a pole near the entrance to the course. In it, cars can be seen turning into Valhalla amidst a chaotic scene caused by the tragic accident that killed John Mills last Friday morning. The video appears to show Scottie driving slowly into the entrance of the golf course when a police officer in a yellow vest runs up to Scheffler's car and, shortly thereafter, puts him in handcuffs. 

The police report from the incident claims that officer Bryan Gillis, who carried out the arrest, attached himself to Scheffler's car and was "dragged" by the vehicle, resulting in injuries that required hospitalization and, famously, the destruction of an $80 pair of pants. 

Scheffler's lawyer, Steve Romines, said after the press conference that nothing has changed from his stance last week—that Scheffler did nothing wrong and that they have no interest in settling the case. "It'll either get dropped, or we'll go to trial." 

At the press conference, Louisville mayor Craig Greenberg said additional video would be released only after the completion of the legal process, which remains ongoing. A previous report from No Laying Up suggesting the charges would be dropped early this week appears to be false. Scheffler is scheduled to appear in a Louisville court on Monday, June 3, the same week as the Memorial Tournament he's scheduled to play in. 

After being released and arriving to Valhalla just 35 minutes before his tee time, Scheffler shot a five-under 66 to remain in contention but had his bid for a second straight major championship win come undone with a 73 on Saturday. He closed with a 65 to finish tied for 8th. 

Scheffler is playing in this week's Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth, near his home in Dallas.