Guy Loses Everything In Tornado, Just Wants His Golf Clubs Back, And The Internet Saves The Day

On Sunday, Bradley Gebbie graduated from Nodaway High School in Greenfield, Iowa where he played for the golf team. 

On Tuesday, an EF-3 twister swept through his town and flipped his world upside down. Among the many things missing? His beloved golf clubs. 

"I lost a lot, including my golf clubs. I had like, $3 grand into that. Taylor Made & Titleist & Callaway. I really need new sets, or a new set. I lost it, and I just... love golf."

Halfway through the interview the reporter starts cracking up because he realizes how smart Gebbie is being with his TV debut, and he was right. Looks like he'll have a fresh start with new gear soon. I spoke with Riggs this morning and without hesitation he said,

 "We'll absolutely help this dude out & I’m sure TaylorMade will eagerly chip in too and get him hooked up." 

In the comments the love continued with other major brands, courses & even golf apps promising to step in. 

As per usual I also saw a few people crapping on this kid for talking about golf 'during a time like this', but I'd argue it's a bright, human moment that shows a way to cope in a terrible time. The twister was estimated to have winds up to 165 mph and as seen below the devastation was horrific. It's pretty impressive to me that Gebbie could stand there at that age, his home in pieces behind him, and have a sense of humor. Hope he gets all the clubs & then some. 

If you're located near that area and want to help out or just want to donate, click HERE for an article on how best to support.