'Morale Sucks' - Charles Barkley Called His Bosses Fools And Clowns On Air And Ripped Them To Shreds With 'Inside The NBA' Potentially Ending

Hell yes, Chuck. If we're losing this version of Inside the NBA, I hope we get unhinged Charles Barkley for an entire year. You thought stuff he said in the past was outrageous how do we think he's going to be knowing the show is ending? What's he got to lose? He's beloved and will always be loved. He's about the only person in the world who could film himself taking a shit on his boss's desk, post it everywhere and we'd all laugh and there'd be no backlash. 

Just an A+ interview though. Barkley open admits that morale sucks, how can it not? We talk about the group we see on TV all the time but Chuck is right in talking about everyone behind the scenes. Those are the people who are feeling this the most. I hope Barkley goes through with the idea of bringing everyone to his production company, make the show and sell it. Why not? We'll all watch. It's the comfort show. I keep saying that. We don't watch for analysis, we watch for them busting ball and having a good time. It's more a comedy than a sports show. 

Gotta say Chuck nailed it with the analogies. It's like an old school blog. Calling out his boss for buying a Mercedes he can't afford and turning a great show into Boone's Farm wine. That's how you do it. That's the sort of shit that played all the way back in 2009. Either way, I want a year of Charles Barkley saying whatever the hell he wants. No filter, no editing, nothing. Whatever pops into that brain of his, let him say it on air. You want to take away Inside the NBA this is the least you can give us for a year.