I Watched The First Three Episodes Of Tires On Netflix And Can't Get Enough

If you have been following along, Tires is the newest comedy on Netflix and days before it even premiered, it was renewed for Season 2. Which as Reags puts correctly is the biggest no brainer of all time. 

I had been waiting on the premiere for a while and while sitting in traffic on the bus, dove into the first three episodes of the series. I am not saying this because I like Shane Gillis (known Ryder) or that Francis is in one of the episodes. That second one is almost a negative. As they once wrote about Johnny Drama "once I saw his name it lost a star", that's how I operate with Francis. You would think sharing a desk with a comedian he would crack jokes or make you laugh, nah he just sits there with his tight shirts and barely acknowledges me. I kid. Anyway, just because the cast was loaded doesn't mean it was going to be a hit, I do go in expecting it to be good, but judged it with a blank slate. 

I cannot stress enough it's hilarious. Without giving away anything plot wise (which are all very simple anyway, the reason I love a good show like this is that the cast are all characters. What I mean is every single person in the cast is as ridiculous as the next. When Andrew Shultz appears with Tommy Pope I cracked up, they are absolute lunatics and then Stavros shows up, mix them in with every guest starring character or background character all being ridiculous and the show is exactly what I want in a show, completely mindless funny half hour spurts. 

It feels like we're in a spot where comedy has been completely watered down but after Shane killed it on SNL, and the first three episodes of this show it's clear at least one person in the game isn't afraid to push the envelope keep trying to make people laugh without worrying about who it offends etc. Just pure ass comedy. 

Show is a hit, give it a run. I was audibly laughing on the bus.