For The First Time In Over Two Years And 106 Series, The Orioles Have Been Swept In The Regular Season

All good things must come to an end, and this good thing was the Orioles regular season series sweepless streak. Over 2 years and 106 regular season series but it finally happened. The Cardinals were the team that finally was able to slay the regular season dragon, and funny enough it was the Cardinals first 3 game sweep of the season. May 13-15th 2022 was the last time the O's were swept outside of October, which happened to be 6 days before Adley Rutschman made his MLB debut. Just a weird, shitty series for the O's. First time in 2 years that everything went against them, including the play above. That ball drops and we have a tied game with a guy on 2nd and Gunanr Henderson making his way up. Instead it was caught by Lars Nootbaar and Cedric Mullins was trying to make a play and score from first on a ball that had an expected batting average of like .610. That's just how the cookie crumbles. Offense was inconsistent, they had some flat out dumb errors, some weird pitching moves, and 2 separate rain delays that totally threw a wrench into the series. Add in John Means having left elbow discomfort and this series really was an example of everything going wrong for the O's.

They got swept when it mattered the most, vs Texas in October but this streak still meant meant they were winning. They never let losing streaks get more than 3-4, stopped the bleeding and found a way to not get swept every series for over 2 years. That's incredibly consistent for an extended period of time. They have been playing awesome baseball for over 2 years and it took 2 rain delays and an incredible catch to break the streak, it was bound to happen. Throughout the streak they played nine 2 game series, 77 3 game series, 19 4 game series, and 1 5 game series. Again, it was a hell of a run but you quite literally can't win them all. 

Now you turn the page and face the White Sox, kind of the perfect team to play after you just got swept. A nice bounce back series would be what the Dr ordered, go take 3 from them and call it a day. They've hit a bit of a rough patch the last 3 days but they're still one of the best teams in baseball. Even though twitter will tell you otherwise, it's impossible to win every game. The sun came up this morning, it's not the end of the world. Like they say in CBB, sometimes you need to lose a game before the tournament so you know what it feels like and can bounce back. Now you can stop talking about it and worrying about when it will happen and just go win more baseball games. 

RIP The Regular Season Sweepless Streak 

May 13-15th 2022 - May 20-22nd 2024