Antonio Brown Is $3 Million In Debt So I Officially Challenge Him To Rough N Rowdy

Antonio Brown is broke af and he's taking it out on me for writing a blog about it. 

AB is broke and owes creditors $3M. Jose Canseco who had way less social media presence made over $1M in a night's work. 

I was always told that Antonio Brown had a business that was booming, apparently, that is a lie. AB we can help make you money you just have to step in the ring for 3-5 minutes depending on whether the fight is 3 or 5 rounds. It is an extremely lucrative offer as Barstool Sports will be promoting your brand for months before the fight. You probably could negotiate a deal similar to Jose Canseco's. I will probably not be able to get such a good deal but hopefully better than last time. 

This was a long time ago but I have been sharpening my skills recently. If AB doesn't think he can dance around the ring for 3-5 minutes then the dude is absolutely washed. I know he said I look like Quagmire but in reality he is just intimidated that I have an Iron jaw that can't be broken. 


I know it would be better if I did not give Antonio Brown more CTE but he also needs to pay his bills so it's a win-win. He should only get money if he wins though.

Lotta people saying I'm doing this to stay relevant, I don't really care, just getting paid to work out for a couple of weeks then working one night to get a bag is awesome. 

I could talk a lot of shit but just pitching the business opportunity to AB is a better way of showing I'm serious. 

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