Microplastics Were Found In 100% Of Male Testicles In Recent Study

The latest buzz word in the health world is MICROPLASTICS. As you can see, the term has gotten quite the interest on Google recently:

I believe I stumbled upon what microplastics were last summer. I had never heard the term before, but it was pretty self-explanatory. Here is how Google explains it:

Microplastics are fragments of any type of plastic less than 5 mm in length, according to the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the European Chemicals Agency

As the medicine community goes, they're in agreement on microplastics being BAD for you:

Microplastics can act as a medium for environmental toxic substances such as bisphenol A, which are absorbed into the body and cause various diseases of the endocrine system and reproductive system. In a recent study, microplastics were also found in the placentas of six pregnant women by Raman microspectroscopy.

And now it looks as if microplastics are in 100% of human testicles…at least for the 23 people in a recent study:

Another recent study looked at the phtlate content in common food and some popular brands popped up in big ways:


For a guy like myself, worrying about microplastics is just not worth it. I get the concern, I see why you should not want them in your testicles, but I got bigger fish to fry….and that's some pounds to shred off. And by some pounds I mean 40 or so pounds. 

I feel like there's a new health concern that takes over the internet once or twice a year. And then before you know it that concern is gone or people just stop talking about it. Microplastics are that big thing right now. The next health scare is coming, you and I have no idea what it is….and the microplastics will be gone. 

Until then, I will be a microplastics enjoyer. 

OR…maybe…..this was the big plan from the NWO. Desrupt all of our endrocrine systems with plastic, which by the way is the cheapest way to transport our businesses goods. It's almost a perfect scheme. Also, throw some of the microplastics in the water supply as well. 

We really are screwed. Should just go back to eating meat and drinking spring water.