Superstar: Anthony Edwards Saved The Timberwolves Franchise And Is Now The Face Of Minnesota Thanks To His 'Bring Ya Ass' Rallying Cry

A couple days ago Anthony Edwards said something to Charles Barkley that started to go fairly viral by interview standards. Bring ya ass. Three simple words, a perfect invite to Charles Barkley who was in Minnesota in 2019 for the Final Four. Facts don't matter when it comes to Chuck though. If he thinks it's been 20 years since he's been to Minnesota, well, it's been 20 years. I'm not going to let semantics get in the way of a good story here. 

Bring ya ass started with the postgame after game 7. It then turned into the Minnesota tourism website leaning into it: 

Smart, you have one of the most marketable players in all of sports letting out a rallying cry, you gotta embrace it. Called having common sense here. But now we up it one more with this proclamation from the governor: 

Whoever wrote that is, again, smart. They knew it'd go viral and it's all I've seen today as we get ready for game 1. No one talking about breakdowns (probably in a Greenie blog, but no one got time to read every line of one of those). Really this just goes to show you that Anthony Edwards is saving the entire state of Minnesota. Think of the athletes they've had, plenty of good ones. KG, Moss, Carter, Kirby Puckett, Joe Mauer, Culpepper, I'm sure a thousand hockey guys. The point being Anthony Edwards is the one who is captivating the entire state. He turned the Wolves from this lovable loser franchise to in the Western Conference Finals in year 4. 

Oh and shout out Naz Reid. Dude got his own line in that proclamation and people lining up to get tattoos with his name. 

Wolves got a little Lions feel to them. No one hates the Timberwolves, how can you? They haven't done shit in 20 years and now have the next superstar of the league. Gotta hand it to them, bring ya ass plays. It's a great rallying cry.