Delta Airlines Baggage Handlers Caught On Camera Heaving College Team's Golf Clubs On The Tarmac

I'm always a little torn when I see videos of baggage handlers or delivery drivers carelessly handling their packages. Obviously it's a bad thing to do. When you're dealing with another person's belongings, it's fucked up to chuck them through the air onto hard concrete. They deserve to be shamed for that much alone. But I can't help but emphasize with anybody working a shit job like this. A job that you just know they loathe waking up for every morning. A job that most likely pays them just barely enough to live paycheck to paycheck. I don't have it in me to get mad at these guys. Their mere existence is punishment enough.

You can especially tell how much these particular employees despise their bag moving careers considering they're doing this directly in the the faces of the passengers who the bags belong too. Everybody along that side of the plane is watching them work. That level of not giving a fuck about is almost commendable. Honestly, they're probably daring Delta to fire them. There's nothing in the world they'd love more than for their boss to walk up to them on the tarmac and tell them to go home. Sure, a few days later when they're out of money, reality will smack them in the face and they'll deeply regret their decision. But in the moment, I bet they couldn't care less if someone was filming.

But even if they are fired, what is that really going to help? A week later these guy are just going to walk across the terminal to the American Airlines desk, they'll take one look at their resumes and say, "Oh you have more than 2 seconds worth of baggage handing experience? You're hired."

Then Delta replaces their fired baggage handlers with a couple of younger employee who still have life in their eyes. They'll be model workers for maybe a year. But soon enough they'll beaten down like the rest of the world's baggage handlers, and it's only a matter of time until they're caught on camera taking a piss in someone's wheel bag. Although based on the statement released by Delta, it sounds like these guys are still gainfully employed. They at least don't mention any firings. They simply made a quick golf pun and washed their hands of it.

TIME - “We apologize to the ETSU Golf team and ask for a mulligan on how their equipment was handled,” Delta spokesperson Anthony Black said in an emailed statement. “We’re in direct contact with the Bucs to ensure they have what they need to successfully compete in the NCAAs.” 

Awesome joke, Delta. I'm sure a little golf humor will help smooth things over.

I've pretty much come to except that any time I travel, or any time I order anything to my house it's going to be thrown and stepped on multiple times. I don't see how that's ever going to change. What are we going to start paying people more or something? Yeah right.  And while I'm on the topic of people careless handling things, I'd like an update on the man who was fired from FedEx after Dana White filmed him firing boxes in to the back of his truck.

I really thought if that FedEx guy had played his cards right he could have gotten a check out of Dana. Or maybe even a job. Not that he deserved it. And I knew it would be a long shot. But I thought maybe if he got his kid involved somehow, or pretended to be a massive UFC fan, or had a bunch of hospital bills… Idk there's always a chance when you're dealing with a man as rich as Dana White that you can strike a soft spot in his heart and he'll kick you a quick $50,000 just to feel better about himself. But I can't find anything more about that incident other than Dana White responding to a question from a reporter.


Doesn't sound like Dana plans on cutting this guy shit. I guess Dana doesn't seem like a guy who would cave in a situation like that. Even if the internet tried to bully him into it. Especially if the internet tried to bully him into it. 

Anyways, sorry about your golf clubs ETSU. I hope you clubs arrive in tact. Good luck at NCAA's.