FIRE ME UP! Kirk Herbstreit Says "Tradition" Will Be Off The Charts in NCAA 25


This is massive news for every college football fan and gamer in the country. What separates college football from the NFL are the traditions that have been passed down for centuries. And look, I know that we'll end up skipping the tradition animations as time goes on, but it still shows that they don't want this game to be another Madden. Let’s face it, Madden is a fat pile of Mississippi mud pies—the game is absolute shit. We’ve been playing the same game for the last 15 years.

My biggest fear about NCAA 25 was that the people at EA Sports would just copy and paste Madden and slap college uniforms on the players. However, based on the small trailers I’ve seen, that won’t be the case at all. Aside from the traditions of college football, college football itself is a completely different game than the NFL. The last thing any of us needed was to run the same old pro-style offense in NCAA 25. What makes college football so beautiful is the endless ways to attack a defense. Whether you want to run the air raid offense or the triple option, NCAA 25 has you covered. It’ll feel good to finally play an EA Sports football game where the QB doesn’t fumble the ball the second you leave the pocket.

Aside from the game itself, I want to take a moment to give Herb the flowers he deserves. This guy is a fucking tank. I don’t know how he does it. I’d have to take 90mg of instant release adderall to survive just one day in Herb's shoes. As if College Gameday, calling games, and Thursday night football isn't enough. This mother fucking beast is putting in 250 hours to record game audio for NCAA 25. I know Kirk gets paid to do it, but let’s be honest, he doesn’t need the money. He’s doing it for us, the fans, so to Herb I thank you for being such a legend. July 19th (16th if you preordered) can’t come soon enough.