Dolphins Safety Jevon Holland Blasted Former Miami DC Vic Fangio

Now it all makes sense. Last year, Vic Fangio took the job as the Miami Dolphins' defensive coordinator simply because he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Vic never wanted to be in Miami; he wanted to be in Philly, which, to no one's surprise, is where he is now. I wouldn't say Vic did a poor job in Miami, but you could tell he was never fully bought in. The combination of the young, hip head coach and Ebenezer Scrooge never made sense to me, nor did it make sense to the players in the locker room.

Jevon Holland is one of the best players on the Dolphins' defense; some would even argue that he's the most important player on that defense. Jevon Holland is the definition of a dawg. From the day he got drafted, he took this defense to another level overnight. It doesn't matter if he's coming off the edge on a safety blitz or meeting a running back at the line of scrimmage—he's going to light your ass up. With the departure of Christian Wilkins, I think Jevon will be the one to lead this defense both on and off the field, which is why his comments about Vic Fangio spoke volumes about how the team felt about their former defensive coordinator. When Jevon was asked to explain the difference between Vic Fangio and his new defensive coordinator, Anthony Weaver, he didn't mention anything about differences in schemes; he simply replied by saying Anthony is actually a good person.

This explains why Jevon posted this video shortly after Fangio's departure from the Dolphins:

Hopefully being a good person translates to better production on the football field, as the Dolphins defense has failed to reach the success they once had under former Head Coach Brian Flores. Only time will tell.